Public Relations: Negotiation

Successful PR involves two-way communication. Two-way communication is critical for negotiation, therefore; PR and negotiation coincide. With negotiation, two parties attempt to find an amicable solution in a dividing situation. With public relations, some agencies or companies have to give or take from their plans in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, which benefits both organizations. Both organizations must gain something beneficial in order for the negotiation to be successful. Proper communication is vital for negotiation to be favorable with both parties.

For example:

With event planning, the event planner must negotiate between their clients, the event venue, caterers and suppliers in order to reach a mutually agreeable budget for each event. I listed 10 negotiation tips below that may help potential event planners and clients reach agreements successfully.

10 Tips for Negotiation: Ed Brodow

1. “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want”

2. “Shut up and listen”

3. “Do your homework”

4. “Always be willing to walk away”

5. “Don’t be in a hurry”

6. “Aim high and expect the best outcome”

7. “Focus on the other side’s pressure, not yours”

8. “Show the other person how their needs will be met”

9. “Don’t give anything away without getting something in return”

10. “Don’t take the issues or the other person’s behavior personally”


One thought on “Public Relations: Negotiation

  1. Another important tip is to not reveal your budget. Otherwise, people are likely to give you a quote based on how much you can spend. Getting quotes from at least three vendors for each item will also help you to see if you’re getting a good deal.

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