What’s a business community without ethical values? Some of you may not know a working definition of ethics, so I will define it for you. Business ethics is a person’s social responsibility and moral values that aid in their decision-making and work practices.

Some ethical values are:






In careers, or every day life, people may be faced with moral dilemmas that interfere with his or her core values. It is important to make decisions that reflect upon your personal code of ethics and not compromise them in order to get slightly ahead.

For example, if you were to steal from a store even though you could afford the items, would the legal punishment be worth it in the end? Doing what you know is wrong in every day life may lead to unethical business practices in the future. I believe that if people hold true to their core ethical values in their daily life, they will be more likely to make socially responsible and ethical decisions in the professional world as well.